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Transforming Business for Tomorrow's World

Rob Walton (Chairman, Walmart)


"We want this business to be a sustainable business. We want this business to last for a long time. And to do that, society has to let us do that, has to let us exist."

Peter Seligmann (CEO, Conservation International)

"What's exciting is that the conversation is real, it's alive, and it's shifting from 'feel-good' to financial metrics and the metrics of delivery."

Jose Penido (Chairman, Fibria Celulose)

"Today, for each tonne of pulp we produce, we generate 65 kgs of permanent waste and the goal for 2025 is to reduce that by 94% to 4 kgs per tonne."

Erik Solheim (Former Minister of International Development and Environment, Norway)

"Without the creativity or the new inventions of the private sector, how can we succeed? The private sector has to do things 'right' is necessary."

Daniel Esty (Former Commissioner, CT Dept of Energy and Environmental Protection.)

"There are a significant number of cases where the cost of doing the sustainable thing is not going to get captured. So we have to have a better regulatory framework that internalizes those externalities."

Michael Izza (CEO, ICAEW)

"Corporation 2020 will be a more responsible company in all facets of that word."

Partha Bhattacharya (Former Chairman, Coal India)

"Pricing energy appropriately will always help improve energy efficiency."

Tom Lovejoy (Biodiversity Chair, The Heinz Center)

"If we hope to have a reasonable future for people and indeed for corporations, we have to find a way for all corporations to take biodiversity into account."

Alessandro Carlucci (Former CEO, Natura)

"The challenge is to not only focus on employees, but understanding all stakeholders - how you train and learn from your suppliers, sales force and customers. The company is more than its offices."

Masatoshi Ito (CEO, Ajinomoto)

"We classify our outlook towards work as: the creation of new values, developing a pioneering spirit, appreciating people and making a contribution to society. Our employees understand this."

Mitsunobu Koshiba (President, JSR)

"Once you take care of your risks, the other side of the coin is opportunities. If customers see that our product has zero emissions and complies with the Kyoto Protocol, they will buy from us!"